Your Livelihood As A Health Care Professional May Be At Stake

The mere hint of a complaint against a health care professional requires immediate and proactive steps by an experienced attorney skilled in analyzing the claim to minimize potentially devastating repercussions. Our legal team of highly credentialed and experienced lawyers does not wait for the filing of lawsuits against medical facilities and licensed professionals. They take preventive measures to avoid lawsuits.

At Lehtola & Cannatti, PLLC, we work closely with the health care professionals to investigate and evaluate each potential issue. We not only evaluate its merits, but also identify improvements that can be implemented to reduce the chance of those situations from occurring in the future.

Personalized Representation and Individualized Strategies Toward Success

A great deal of study, hard work and expense goes into pursuing a career in the health care industry. Yet, even the most knowledgeable and skilled providers face unrealistic patient expectations and adverse results. In addition, preparation for their career did not necessarily give medical professionals business knowledge and legal insight. Combined with assumptions of their vast wealth, these professionals are often the targets of legal action.

Lehtola & Cannatti, PLLC, provides personalized representation combined with the results normally seen in a big law firm. We take on the legal complexities of emotionally charged cases, including initial investigations and discovery that identify critical issues. From there, we pursue solutions at trial or by employing other forms of dispute resolution.

Like in the emergency room, we cannot predict an outcome in court. Yet, through dedication and diligence, we have achieved zero-dollar verdicts, satisfied clients, and a strong and growing referral base.

Professional Reputations and Futures Are At Stake

Physicians, nurses, facility administrators, counselors, therapists, dieticians, and professionals at nursing homes and long-term care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers all face permanent damage to their respective reputations when they are sued or face a claim before the licensing authority. We work closely with health care professionals from the start, walking them through the survey process, the administrative proceedings before state regulatory agencies, and through the courtroom to zealously protect their professional reputations and licensures.

Our extensive experience working with the state agencies that regulate physicians, nurses and skilled nursing facility administrators following referrals and complaints allows us to put the health care professional's best foot forward, protecting their livelihood.

We protect rights and professional futures. Our health law and medical malpractice defense attorneys work hard to minimize compliance risk, regulatory penalties and other potentially career-ending repercussions.

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We Take Proactive Steps. You Should Too.

Take action if you have been notified of a pending investigation. Speak to an attorney at Lehtola & Cannatti, PLLC, by calling 972-383-1515 or filling out our online intake form.